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All You Need To Know About Hiring An Interior Designer

For folks who are planning to renovate their homes, the very first decision you’ll have to make is: do you want to hire an interior designer (ID), or a contractor?

Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to work with a contractor, but a contractor’s scope of work is also limited. Unlike IDs, they don’t take care of certain aspects, such as design work and conceptualisation.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the factors that you need to consider, and share the pros and cons of engaging an ID vs contractor. Read on to find out more!

The Difference Between IDS And Contractors
The main difference between IDs and contractors is that IDs are creatives – they can sit down with you and help you design your dream home.

IDs will also help you source for materials, accompany you on shopping trips to Hafary and explain the differences between the 1,000,000 tiles you’ll find in the showroom. Plus, they’ll take care of the project management aspect.

On the other hand, contractors are a no-frill option. They do not do any design work or conceptualising – they merely help you execute what you’ve got planned out. Some contractors will go material sourcing with you, but most won’t.

How About Design-And-Build Companies?
If you’ve never heard of design-and-build companies before, these essentially strike a middle ground between contractors and IDs.

These folks do design and construction work, and they also take on project management. So the scope is roughly similar to that of an ID, but do expect more simple and straightforward designs. If you’re very particular when it comes to design, or you have a certain artistic vision that you need help fulfilling, then you’re probably better off with an ID than a design-and-build company.

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