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Bring the world to your students with these free online experiences for your classroom

There’s nothing quite like a field trip: That legendary international journal when permission slips grant students golden tickets to an experience outside the classroom.

Although virtual field trips don’t physically bring kids to new locations, they make use of the web and video to amplify online learning in an experiential way. And at their best, virtual field trips can be transporting, informative, and inspiring.

So where do you start? You might already have a topic in mind, which will narrow your choices. However, you’ll also want to consider what type of virtual field trips to try. Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of experiences out there. You can jump to each section using the links below:

Livestreaming means students watch a live feed from a camera in another location. Interestingly, these are most often focused on animals.
Interactive exploration offers students a multimedia experience that’s usually more hands-on and open-ended.
Video visits take kids to a location (by video) where a host or narrator provides information.
Scheduled and guided virtual field trips feature a live guide or museum docent — often on site — who takes students through the experience virtually.

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